Malta Startup Festival at MFCC

MFCC is full of energy today as the Startup Festival 2023 kicks off. A colourful and vibrant event brimming with brand new ideas, positive attitude landed at our venue.

The attendees will benefit from various workshops that will augment their knowledge of local markets, support systems through government and European funding, agencies and private entities willing to share entrepreneurial wisdom. The relaxed atmosphere, complete with cool chillout area at the MFCC’s picnic zone maximizes the attendees’ networking chances and enhances the vibrant atmosphere of this Festival.

During the opening ceremony, Hon. Miriam Dalli, Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise, explained how her vision is to provide the perfect environment to enhance the efforts of new comers in the entrepreneurial world to not just survive, but flourish and be able to give back to society. According to her, all this should be done in the best interest of the economy and sustainability.

Various discussions took place during the morning including ‘Unlocking the Secret to Global Growth’, and also informative talk by industry veterans.

We are looking forward to have the second part of this vibrant Festival tomorrow at MFCC-Malta’s Premiere Events Venue.

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