Stages, Platforms, Seating & Carpeting

Stages and Platforms

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Stages and Platforms are an integral element of our service. From elaborate multi-levelled television screening ready stages to raised platforms for small announcement speeches, we can offer a complete service, together with our selected partners within the audiovisual industry.


Tiered Seating

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Seating services include standard collapsible seats, banqueting chairs together with tiered seating. One of our exclusive services is the provision of tiered seating which allows for a flexible set-up, based entirely upon your requirements and space availability. Installation is quick, efficient and ensuring minimal disruption time. We can handle any seating configuration for up to 2,000 seats with a guarantee of offering your visitors the best view of the action in comfort.

Technical Details:
  • Width: 34.1m
  • Length: 17.2m
  • Height: 3.72m
  • Handrail: 1.53m
  • Total Height: 5.25m
  • Step Height: 0.15m
  • Step Depth: 0.70m
  • Seat Depth: 0.40m
  • Seat Height: 0.40m
  • Total Seats: 1950
  • Minimum Possible Seats: 16
  • Minimum Possible per Column: 3
  • Minimum Row possible: 4
  • Minimum Columns in Each Block: 21
  • Maximum Rows: 25
  • Set-up for Maximum Seating: 21/18/18/21



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We also have a wide range of carpet colours to choose from to be used for conferences, expositions, fairs and exhibitions. They come in rolls of 2m width and can be cut to any size to cover any area needed.

Together with carpeting, we also have 2m x 1m carpet tiles in grey and red. These tiles have a rubberised backing which aids in anti-slip and also helps towards sound dampening.