Tension Fabric Structures

Tension Fabric Structure

The venue MFCC was set up using a semi-permanent structure previously used as the UK’s Wembley Arena Pavilion. In November 2018 the Tension Fabric Structure (TFS), was extended by 40 metres and is now 170 metres long, 50 metres wide and 17 metres high.  It can hold 13,000 people seated or 25,000 standing.

MFCC provides an event space that avoids the hindrance of columns and support structures, which from an event perspective only obstruct the way.  The venue is ideal for conventions that are looking for a flexible option, where a conference set up during the day can be adapted to a gala dinner or concert set up in the evening.

The TFS is the result of some of the UK’s leading semi-permanent structure designers’ research, creating a venue which is essentially temporary, but is built to conform to permanent building regulations.

The unique product design of the TFS offers an impressive structure with the fabric tensioned in both horizontal and vertical directions to create a clean taut finish with black PVC inside and silver finish outside. The TFS is designed to withstand many years of usage, unlike any other temporary building.

This outer fabric on the structure is created anti-UV, which makes it more resistant against colour changes and ageing, and is also treated with anti-crypto, which makes it more resistant against mildew and fungus. 


  • The sheer size of the structure allows it to be used for huge scale events
  • The structure is not affected by wind movement, normally associated with wide span traditional alu-halls
  • The gable heights offer a versatile area to display graphic designs for advertising – this service can be arranged internally
  • The structure conforms to British European and American building regulations for stability and fire safety
  • The overall height offers the opportunity to supply mezzanine floors as requested
  • A secondary membrane has been installed to further improve sound and heat insulation 

Fabric details

Serge Ferrari 7025 black out interior. 

Silver Interior

High quality PVC coated polyester fabric of approximately 789g/m flame retardant to the norms M2 (France), B55438 (UK), DIN 4102 (Germany) and NFPA 701 (USA).

Area sqmLength mtWidth mtHeight mt / Height under ArchTheatreBanquetReception
TFS Main Area
8,500170.050.016.5 / 12.010,3004,00014,500
North Foyer
Petite Marquee
Petite Marquee (Outside)
Midi Marquee
Grande Marquee (Optional)1,8006030-20247603000
Entire Area - Indoor & outdoor20,000------