Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Let's make every decision count!
By taking responsibility and acting with integrity, we can all be catalysts for change and make a lasting impact on the world around us. Together, we can use our skills, voice, and relationships to work with others and create meaningful change. Let's join forces and make a difference in the areas that are critical to the resiliency of our business, people, and community.
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The below is our environmental and social sustainable policy





ENV 001


Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

MFCC’s commitment to sustainability encompasses Environmental, Social and Economic impacts.

MFCC is committed to implement environmental management systems, processes, and organisational structures.



MFCC is the largest provider of convention and exhibition products and services.  MFCC is a purpose-built convention, exhibition, and special events facility with a fully integrated range of in-house services. Risk Impacts with large audience events and an average of 300,000 people passing through the Centre on an annual basis, MFCC is a major enterprise and its operation results in the consumption of significant quantities of energy and resources.  MFCC develops and promotes processes to ensure the Centre’s business and community values encompassing economic, environmental, and social responsibility and is committed to continually improve its performance and annual benchmarking – a core business principle.

Operating Guidelines:

  • MFCC is committed to work practices embracing sustainable values whilst being environmental and community focused
  • The MFCC Responsibility Management Team is committed to sustainability by identifying related risks and implementing actions and preventative measures to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Consideration is given to employing and empowering local employees, recognising and practicing Fair Trade.
  • Wherever possible, environmentally sustainable products and services will be sourced locally.
  • We encourage staff to present MFCC’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility and to our clients, guests, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Sustainability is a mandatory requirement within the MFCC’s orientation program for all staff; this extends to individual department inductions and forms part of the yearly compliance training.
  • Sustainability forms part of MFCC’s contractor induction program. This policy has been developed to provide a clear statement of MFCC’s commitment to managing both its environmental and social impacts. MFCC will set appropriate objectives to support the Sustainability Policy, these include:
  • Commitment to reduce / minimise energy, waste and water consumption.
  • Promotion of recycling activities.
  • Commitment to achieve a positive social impact on the local and wider communities.
  • Promotion of sustainability practices to MFCC clients, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Commitment to comply with legislative requirements pertaining to sustainable issues.
  • Commitment to continually improve its Sustainability Management Systems.
  • Commitment to Fair Trade
  • Commitment to the protection of the environment.

NOTE: This policy is a public document on display, and is available on our website; a copy may be given to anyone upon request. − MFCC invites staff, guests, suppliers, contractors, and the community to suggest ways to further achieve best practice in environmental and social sustainability.





Anita Mifsud

Chief Executive Officer