We present to you – the MBA Wall Panel – A stylish, sturdy seamless movable wall system.

On behalf of MFCC, Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, we would like to introduce you to a system of moveable walls, manufactured in Germany – MBA Panels. These panels are high quality, creating reusable wall modules that can be assembled into spatial structures in a very short time.

Used across Europe and the rest of the world in museums, art galleries, conference centres and many retail outlets, the MBA panels can be set up with little fuss, and dismantled in even less time. Our crew have been trained on how to effectively install any set-up you may need thereby offering you a quality, cost effective solution to your display and partitioning needs.

Any instance when you might need our MBA Panels for a short period of time, even hours, or even to purchase, just email us on info@mfcc.com.mt