The family show L.O.L. Live VIP Surprise Party has come to an end. With 16 shows over 7 days, there’s no doubt that every child in Malta had the opportunity to see, interact and dance with the international L.O.L. crew. Judging from the screams of delight from the audience watching the show, we have no doubt that each and every show was a resounding success.

April 21st marks the return of Muzika Muzika within our venue. A roaring success last year, the 2022 edition has one more element that will elevate the show further – an audience. A showcase to celebrate Maltese talent through music, Muzika Muzika saw over 130 hopefuls vying to qualify for the final stages that reach a culmination on Saturday March 23rd, during which the winner will be announced. We are sure that MFCC will be home to drama, excitement, tension and, most of all, success.