Owing to the flexibility and modularity of the venue, theatre set-ups within MFCC can be a momentous 3,000 tiered seated affair with another 8,000 flat seating or an intimate 30 audience theatre production.

Stage platforms can be set according to the backdrop needed and the hoisting arches can be placed on top of the stage for effective lighting. Dressing rooms and control rooms can be assembled behind the stage using our MBA panels and can be built according to the clients’ needs and specifications.

Our professional crew will also assist in the creation of props if needed, and a complete audio-visual package can be offered through our selected partners.

Our venue has seen it all – from Christmas Pantomimes, chilling thrillers to stand up comedy shows.

For viewing or for further information just give us a call on +356 99041037 or email info@mfcc.com.mt